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“When John is my boyfriend,” “My father drives us to the airport,” “Waist deep in Buffalo Creek,” “When Angela’s mother,” “When we move to French Lea.” New World Writing

“I don't know anyone in the war” Poor Yorick

“Avon,” “Break the Dam” Raleigh Review

“Payday” Belletrist Magazine

“Sanctuary” Coal Hill Review

“Geography.” Postcard Poems & Prose

“On the Way to the C.D. Wright Women Writer’s Conference” Postcard Poems & Prose

“Walkers” Rat’s Ass Review

“The Cautions” National Poetry Review

“Salon,” “Refuge,” “Under Construction” Apple Valley Review

“During the Air Show, I Trembled Like the Windows,” “Kissing the Whisk” Diode Poetry Journal

“Code Violations” Waccamaw

“After the New Yorker Festival,” “At the Belgian Borders,” “The Atheist’s Hypocrisy,” “Long Stemmed White Rose,” “Outlook Avenue” diode poetry journal

“kitty corner from the empty high school”

“Summer of the Blue Cast” Talking Writing

“Closing the Bar,” “Enough to Stand On,” “Letter to Youngstown” Lunch Ticket

“My Son Springs” Conte

“Hymn” New Verse News

“At the Event Museum,” “Five Inches of Rain,” “The Willing,” “Wake” Jenny Magazine

“Dangers of Miso Soup” Barely South Review

“Warm Front” Apple Valley Review

“He Calls Her Etsy” DMQ

“War of Stones” Conte

“Bar Story,” “Cristóbal,” “Flowers” Rougarou

“Wish Camp,” “Pleiades” diode poetry journal

“Sky For Ceiling”

“Letter” Rust + Moth

“Cutting Ties” Reconfigurations

“Breaking,” Slant “Farmhouse Rondeau,” “How to Feed the Lover” Slant

“While Loading the UHaul in Cortland, Ohio” Willows Wept Review

“Men With Good Names” Storyscape

“The Linguist’s House” Bent Pin Quarterly

“Blessing Will,” “Chicago,” “Essay Question,” “Lost Child,” “The Clothes Whisperer.” diode poetry journal

“In the Dream I Paint You” Apple Valley Review

“Wisconsin” Apple Valley Review

“For the Boys.” Innisfree Poetry Journal

“Driving to the James Wright Poetry Festival and Coming Home” DMQ Review


Creative Nonfiction

“Grandma Days” Raw Data: Living in the Fallout From the Corona Virus



“Saving a Space”


‘I’m going to get this published and I’m not going to give up’: Bloom reports from AWP




As Interviewee

Important Stories Needing to be Told by Robert Miltner

Letter from the Guest Editor Watershed Review

NEOMFA Featured Alumni

My Personal Favorite by Kelly Fordon

Ohio Poetry Association Spotlight by Jeremy Jusek

Living the Writing Life by Nancy Christie


As Interviewer

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Kristen A. Elias Rowley of The Ohio State University Press” Best American Poetry Blog

“Wildly Whipsawing Lexicon: An Interview with Kimberly Johnson” The American Literary Review

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Katerina Stoykova-Klemer of Accents Publications” Best American Poetry Blog

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Patty Paine of Diode Editions” Best American Poetry Blog

“’If Light is Spirit, Dark is Meat’: a Conversation with Bruce Bond” Poets Quarterly

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with David Hassler of Wick Poetry Center” Best American Poetry Blog

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Karren Alenier of The Word Works” Best American Poetry Blog

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Glenn Sheldon, editor of New Sins Press.” Best American Poetry Blog (7 July, 2012).

“Checking One Belief Against Another”: A Conversation with H. L. Hix AGNI Online

“Meet the Press: Karen Schubert in Conversation with Sammy Greenspan, editor of the Kattywompus Press” Best American Poetry Blog



“We Make Love the Two of Me: Persona in Mark Levine’s Debt.” Gently Read Literature

“Earthen Dreams: Writing Poems from the Art of Tony Armeni.” EnterText

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